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"You Are the Star" is proud to announce the release of our First CD and the birth of our "interactive" cartoon character!!!

 "Shiny the Star"

        "Shiny the Star" will accompany Mr. DJ  at most shows and performances! Youngsters will be thrilled to SING, DANCE and GIGGLE with "Shiny"  ON TV  as he leads Original and Traditional SINGALONGS, Original  LINE  DANCES,  tells STORIES and helps  Mr. DJ keep the party FUN!!!  "Shiny" will perform select interactive songs from his SMASH debut CD!!! (see below)

Children Singing with "SHINY" ON TV at a recent outing!!!

"Shiny the Star" Karaoke Video!



hClick on "Shiny's" CD to visit "Shiny's"sss COOL website

Here's the one you've been waiting for! Music that kids will love and songs that parents won't mind hearing over and over! Not only does this CD feature a tasty blend of 50's Rock & Roll, Pop, Disco,70's Rock, Country, Marching Band and Hip Hop music, the Singalongs will provide FUN and UNIQUE ways for young listeners to learn about the ALPHABET and NUMBERS! Get ready to fall in love with "Shiny the Star", "Dillee the Drumming  Disco Dinosaur", "Jimmee the Gentle Giant", "Frenchee the Fresh Fish" and "Tee Tee the Tiny Star" as they create a truly enjoyable listening experience unlike ANYTHING you have ever heard! PARENTS are calling this "the BEST children's CD to come along in Years!"  We are presently shopping  Record Labels for distribution and product development, yet YOU can order this INCREDIBLE CD from "Shiny's" website or purchase at local performances!  For FUN interactive "KIDSTUFF" and CD ordering info, check out "Shiny's" awesome Website-this is a WINNER!

 Fun!!  Fun!! Fun!!  Fun!!