Your Host..."Mr DJ"!

Special themed programs on the 1940's, 1950's and 1920's


From Music, Movies, Sports, Celebrities, Politics and WWII, our special Quiz Show Programs will amuse, entertain and even educate folks on the most memorable decades of the last century!

Limited availability!

ALSO Available for Seniors!


"Designed with seniors in mind!"

 Our NEW, “Must Have” enrichment QUIZ SHOW has subjects vital to today's "Super Seniors"! Topics include exercise, diabetes, obesity, nutrition, osteoporosis, hydration, sleep, stress management, etc.  A perfect way to compliment your upcoming "healthy living" events!













"Exclusive to New England today... soon to travel the U.S.A.!"

"Tad, we are getting RAVE reviews on the Quiz Show!"- Roberta Lynch-Director-Medfield Council on Aging

"Great Job, we LOVED it! "   Stacy Healy-Colonial Nursing\Welch Healthcare Group

Do you know any seniors that like GAME SHOWS?

How about having one of your OWN?

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         No Activity will tickle the brain better than Mr DJ’s “Hollywood Quiz Show”!
This authentic, “as seen on TV” treat will engage, entertain and even provide therapeutic benefits as we stroll down memory lane with a shopping basket full of topics. Countless custom made VIDEO images and audio SOUND clips will fill the room as we visit categories such as "name that tune", "name that radio commercial", "name that president", "musical instrument sounds", "animal sounds", "nursery rhymes", "U.S. History", "Hollywood actors", "geography", even our own "Is the Price Right"!


Rest assured, there won't be a dull moment as your people test their wits in this unique, quick paced & FUN activity!

Other benefits may include enhancing social skills and the fundamental feelings of personal achievement and accomplishment, knowing that... "I knew the answers to so many of those questions too!"


        The set up includes an authentic game show podium complete with microphones, hand controlled clickers, digital scoring, colorful satin table skirts, several TV monitors, illuminated sign, live video camera to put contestants & audience members on TV, sound effects and original theme music. People will actually feel like they’re in a Hollywood game show!

Folks have watched game shows on TV for decades, why not let them be in one of their OWN????

Awards Ribbons are presented to each contestant! Other GREAT prizes including T-Shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, pens and hats may also available!


      Limited Availability!

Contact us to schedule your OWN special quiz show TODAY!


 Fun!!  Fun!! Fun!!  Fun!!