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To face today's complex challenges, you need to incorporate a wide range of styles, skills, and perspectives...

Why not have "Mr DJ" enhance your next Team Building outing with an exciting Customized "Quiz Show"?

Team building events challenge you and your employees to learn to work together more effectively by learning to play together!

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"Dear Tad, Thank you for providing an entertaining evening at the MassCAP annual conference in October at the Radisson Hotel Plymouth Harbor. Our Organization appreciates your support and generosity."
Sincerely P. Haddock ADC, Vice President MassCAP  

"Hi Tad, It really was great.  Iíve been running events for many, many years and I heard from multiple people that the Hollywood Quiz Show was their new favorite. Tons of FUN! J. Klein - Newton, MA JBBBS

Mr  DJ's Corporate Challenge "Hollywood Quiz Show" includes  an authentic game show podium with microphones, hand controlled clickers , digital score keeping, a live video camera, sound effects, TV monitors, 7 or 10 foot projection screen, flashing multi-colored stage curtains, original theme music, props, etc.  This FUN, team based event is perfect in a live audience setting, encourages  player/audience involvement and will surely give its participants the feeling of being on a TV game show! (A more economic, scaled down version is also available.)

Mr DJ has thousands of audio and video quiz questions! In addition, using text and images provided by the client, can create a custom program exclusive to each event. Rest assured, there won't be a dull moment as associates are now challenged on your "need to know" questions and compete against each other in a battle of wits of company knowledge!












"Mr. DJ" takes your associates outside of their normal work environment and presents them with a series of quiz challenges. By facing these challenges together, teams build trust, commitment and improved performance!

Prizes may also be awarded!

(Please note....if you wish, Mr DJ can also play appropriate background music to enhance the outing)

Folks have watched game shows on TV for years, now your associates get to be in one of their own! What a SENSATIONAL alternative to the same old thing, wouldn't you agree? 

Call 508-588-6096 today and let Mr DJ  start planning your next "Team Building" event!

 Fun!!  Fun!! Fun!!  Fun!!