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Planning an special event?

Wanna try something different?

"Hi Tad and many thanks for a great (quiz) show.
We'll call to setup the same show for our son Donny next year.
Great job! Also, one of our friends/neighbors on the street is having a birthday party for her husband - she can get you setup in September for the (quiz show) party. Thanks again and we'll see you soon!"

 Sue & Don Crummet-Bellingham, MA

"everyone said they had a BLAST & kept asking 'where did you find him?'...they thought it was so UNIQUE & FUN"- Christine S. -Plympton, MA

"...This guy was a RIOT!...jokes, impersonations, witty!...it was BETTER than TV because we ALL got to play!..." Jerry S.- Newton, MA

A Full Service DJ with your own Quiz Show!

Just like being on TV!

Exclusive to New England, rest assured that NO ONE will provide this... and  it's been spreading like wildfire lately! A customized GAME SHOW to add to the nights entertainment! 

            I'm sure you've hosted and attended countless parties over the years where the most awkward time is the hour AFTER dinner, where everyone is full, content, "chatted out", yet not "feeling Good" enough to dance just yet. Why not have Mr DJ's "Hollywood Quiz Show" come to the rescue? It will most CERTAINLY fill the void and can involve virtually everyone! With THOUSANDS of video AND audio questions including American History, Patriots, Red Sox, Fun Facts, Pop Culture, Hollywood Legends, Name that Tune, Name that TV Tune, Name that TV Commercial, Presidents, States and even Nursery Rhymes & Animal Sounds, Mr DJ will stroll down memory lane, tickle your brain and provide a wonderful GAME SHOW experience, seldom seen...except on TV!

Mr DJ's "HOLLYWOOD QUIZ SHOW" features components above and beyond other national Game Show providers, including an authentic 4 team podium complete with microphones, digital scoring, hand held clickers, sound effects, original theme music, on screen video prompts, "live" video camera putting contestants AND audience members onto an LCD TV, 7 foot or 10 foot projection screen with theater-like trim, high intensity LED stage lighting, velvet table skirts, digital sequenced LED backdrops, etc. (A more economical, scaled down version is also available. This system WILL fit in an average home.)

And here's where we get PERSONAL!!
If you'd like, Mr DJ can ALSO create a custom quiz segment about your Guest of Honor! Get ready to have some MORE fun, share a few laughs and learn a bit about our special Friend/Spouse/Family Member.  (Additional prep-fee applies)

Custom questions are also available for themed events, etc!

After the "Quiz Show"....Let's PARTY!!

Whether it be festive party music, popular dance classics or current Hip Hop music, Mr DJ's  35 plus years in the entertainment industry will insure your guests will hear GREAT music ALL NIGHT LONG!

Let's face it folks, it's all been done before...why not let Mr DJ assist you in thinking outside the box, trying something NEW and make your next celebration go "BEYOND your EXPECTATIONS!"

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